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Business Software

The products of our Business Software division are the consistent further development of services of our SAP Consulting division. Our applications combine in-depth SAP experience with a state-of-the-art coding philosophy.

MIRA - SAP Monitoring

Do you need an SAP monitoring solution that can be deployed without a major implementation project and supports your business in all of your SAP systems, modules, and interface programs? Then take a closer look at our solution.

Universal monitoring platform

With MIRA you keep track of all developments in your SAP systems, SAP modules and non-SAP interface systems - database-independent and realtime!

Implementation within one day

Fast and consequently cost-effective on-premise implementation!

Feel free to contact us for a demo installation.

Fair prices for rapid digitization

Our pricing model is simple to understand. Be flexible by only paying for the exact number of data monitors you use.

Description of functionality

UI5/Fiori application


PC, Tablet & Smartphone

High data security

Reporting function

Jump to target GUI

Cross-system monitoring

Min. NetWeaver 7.40

Tile types

MIRA TileWizard

Guided process

Fast development

Pre-generated code

MIRA - Standard tiles catalogue

Pre-defined tiles

Saves much time/effort

Benefit from experience

Immediately usable

Module “System-Monitoring” (SAP BC):

Module “Finance” (SAP FI):

Module “Material Management” (SAP MM):

Module “Sales” (SAP SD):

Module “Audit” (SAP GRC):

SAP-GUI based applications

From the activities of the past years, some recurring topics have emerged. For the automated processing or administration of these topics we have developed applications. The programs have an easy-to-understand structure and yet provide a significant relief in the project business or in everyday work activities.


You are facing a system maintenance, a migration project or a Unicode conversion? RunStatistic analyzes on which areas you should focus on during your project.

With our solution you are able to analyze the degree of utilization of the following system components:

  • Custom Developments
  • Queries
  • PBS-Software
  • Namespaces
The program can quickly be installed and presents results via an easy-to-understand template using the familiar SAP GUI optics.


If you need to transfer data from one SAP system to another, SAP2SAP is the right solution for you.

Data can be migrated much faster than the SAP standard allows via LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench).

After a thorough mapping procedure, you will save many manual steps, resulting in a much smoother project flow.

VAT-ID Secure

The correct billing of a service that is provided within the EU requires the indication of the VAT identification number of the service provider as well as the service recipient. In case of missing or incorrect information, the net billing or the input tax deduction can be criticized by the authorities. With VAT-ID Secure, the validity of the VAT identification number of European business partners (debtors, creditors) including company name and address details can be checked. For this purpose, the database of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) or the European Commission (via MIAS) is accessed via an interface.

Our solution offers the following functions:

  • Master data maintenance - manual or periodic verification of the identification numbers of all debtors/creditors,
  • Individual verification - checking the identification numbers of specific debtors/creditors and
  • Background check - automatic delivery lock for debtors with an incorrect VAT ID (mutatis mutandis for creditors).

Mobile Inventory

We offer a simple inventory-application to register articles at storage locations via mobile scanner.

Information about registered objects is stored locally on the scanner and can then be uploaded into the SAP system.

The information is recorded via barcode scan or manual input in the scanner.