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As our main division, SAP Consulting forms the basis of the entire range of services offered by ABS GmbH. Our experienced consultants always find up-to-date realistic solutions that are optimally tailored to the situation in your company. Within a project, we usually assume the role of the technical implementation partner.

Consulting Services

Introduction of SAP systems, modules and functionalities from scratch

  • Realistic assessment of technical feasibility, scope and critical factors.
  • Support for the initial implementation of individual SAP systems (for example, SAP PI) as well as for the implementation of new modules, except for HR (for example, SAP ERP-PP) for releases ECC 6.0 and higher
  • Support in the implementation of functionality enhancements (for example New General Ledger)

Support for roll-out projects and data migrations

  • Support for roll-outs of your existing SAP system into new subsidiaries and conceptual design of the incorporation of these subsidiaries into existing structures
  • Technical migration of data from both SAP and non-SAP systems to your existing SAP system
  • Implementation of regional legislative requirements on customs and tax handling and integration of specific processes into your existing system

Implementation of SAP system upgrades/updates

  • Support for EHP and SPS upgrades, starting with the analysis of the necessary steps before the upgrade up to the actual technical implementation of the upgrade
  • Transfer and adaptation of custom developments (programs, user exits and enhancement points)
  • Compatibility check of your existing add-ons with the new EHP level and possible installation of add-on updates
  • As of Netweaver 7.5 and SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 8, the use of Unicode is mandatory. We assist you with the conversion of your SAP system to Unicode

Merger/demerger of SAP systems (technical/operational)

  • Operationalconception of merging or separating SAP systems
  • Consolidation of existing transactional and master data as well as the reorganization of technical structures during the merger of your SAP system
  • Separation of existing structures and complete transfer of all existing data into the new structures during the demerger of your SAP system


  • Our team advises you in customizing all common SAP modules except for HR
  • Analysis of the business processes in your company and translation of the gained insights into requirements for the SAP system
  • Individual mapping of business processes within the SAP standard

Connection of external services via interfaces

  • Country-specific legal requirements often require direct communication between the respective supervisory authority and your own SAP system
  • Setup of the communication with external systems (SAP or non-SAP) and services via interface in SAP PI
  • The following communication models are supported
    • SAP to SAP
    • SAP to Non-SAP
    • Non-SAP to Non-SAP (Communication through SAP PI)
  • Our consultants offer expertise in both single and dual-stack implementations (Java/ABAP)

System Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting for day-to-day technical problems as well as processing service tickets with short response times
  • Constant system monitoring to ensure a reliable operation of your SAP system. By using our application “MIRA”, monitoring becomes very efficient and thus saves costs
  • Support and monitoring of interface solutions in SAP PI
  • Archiving data using SAP (SARA) or PBS transactional and master data archiving
  • Carrying out system copies, backups and database upgrades


  • Implementation of individual requirements via a structured process that is always guided by the up-to-date technical standard (NetWeaver 7.50/Object-oriented ABAP) by simultaneously ensuring downward compatibility
  • Enhancement and customization of standard transactions and programs
  • Independent solutions for processes that deviate significantly from the SAP standard in order to opmtimally fit individual processes in your company
  • Developments along the entire value chain:
    • ABAP Core Developments
    • UI5-based developments taking into account the Fiori Design and User Experience Guidelines
    • Gateway based developments (also for mobile applications)


  • Preliminary analysis: assessment of the necessary steps to migrate your existing ERP system to S/4HANA. Individual assessment of critical factors in order to get a realistic idea of the scope of the project.
  • Preparatory work: update of your system to a release level required for the migration. We particularly pay attention to the review and adjustment of custom developments. The developments are initially checked for compatibility with SAP S/4HANA and adjusted if necessary
  • Performance optimization: Optimization of existing custom developments, especially database queries, to the new SAP HANA in-memory database architecture
  • Conversion of forms: conversion of SAP Smart Forms and SAP Script to Interactive Forms

Business Intelligence

  • Consolidation of data from the ERP system as well as other external systems for efficient and clear evaluation.
  • Enrichment of data from the ERP system with data from external systems to obtain meaningful key figures.
  • Our consultants support you to define and create metrics that help decision-makers in your organization to make better choices
  • Support in both conceptual design of the key figures as well as technical implementation (data extraction and data modeling)