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05. January 2018

Newsletter MIRA – Major Release 2.0

Business Software

Yesterday we released version 2.0 of our application MIRA. In addition to some bug fixes and stability improvements, significant progress has been made in the following areas:



  • Implementation of a notification mechanism – which allows status messages (such as daily summaries or alerts) to be sent to common communication instruments such as email, whatsapp, or slack
  • Implementation of a work process manager – with which the maximum number of work processes assigned to MIRA (at the same time) can be flexibly determined
  • Introduction of a localization function – for the automatic adaptation of the application language. Standard languages ​​are German and English; Extensions to other languages ​​are easily possible
  • Introduction of a developer tool – TileWizard – to make it much easier for our customers to create developer tiles
  • Implementation of a “subscription” mechanism – which reduces the calculation processes for tiles with the same filter setting to one system-wide process – regardless of how many users have subscribed to the tile
  • The processing of tile calculations is now performed asynchronously – with advantages for scalability and general response times



  • Implementation of a help overlay – with which the user can display descriptions of the tile-specific KPIs and the set filters
  • Introduction of value propositions ​​- to simplify the filter setting process in the customizing menu
  • Introduction of an auto saving feature – to remove manual saving steps in the customizing menu
  • Implementation of an automated, threshold based tile hiding function
  • UI revision of the filter menu and extension of the filter mechanics by numerous parameters


Standard modules:

  • Introduction of our Audit module
  • Introduction of our BW module
  • Introduction of several tiles to our FI, PP, PM and QM modules


We will inform you about further feature developments in our next MIRA newsletter!

If you have any questions or if you are interested in a live demo, please feel free to contact us.

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