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30. August 2017

Team ABS wins relay race in Sandhofen

General topics

The race in Sandhofen takes place annually in August and includes amongst many other running variants a team relay race over 5 x 2km.

In bright sunshine, ABS was represented with two teams. A total of 17 participant groups had registered, i.a. Sports clubs, youth groups or other company teams.

At 06:30 pm the run was started and all participating colleagues went on the circuit one after the other. Team ABS 1 was already in the lead after lap 1 and team ABS 2 presented itself in impressive form as well.

Driven by their own sportsmanship and motivational acclamations from the side-lines, Team ABS 1 extended its lead and kept it throughout the five laps. In the end, Team ABS 1 won the race with a one minute lead and can now look forward to visit a match of the federal ice hockey division club Adler Mannheim. Team ABS 2 finished 11th with a very good overall time as well.

The event was a great experience, which has strengthened the team spirit even more.

Congratulations & to a successful title defence next year!